So, I guess you could say I’m the circus master (in my head at least!). My troupe of performing monkeys will, throughout this blog, be referred to in nickname form. I have Froo; my eldest daughter who is 8, Noodle; my 4 year old son, Pickle; my 2 year old daughter and Baby Wombat.

As well as caring for my┬átribe I also do a fair amount of crafting, I crochet, I attempt to bake, I dip my toe into writing. I have varied interests and am open to discussion on most subjects so please feel free to comment on any post; don’t worry I have thick skin and broad shoulders.

This blog will be an ever evolving synopsis of day to day life from a stay at home Mum to 4 small children. There will be drama, tears, insanity and chaos………hold on tight!




You can contact me using the ‘contact page’ within this site, you can use the Facebook link below to view my page (likes are always appreciated!) or you can email me directly at itsmycircustheyremymonkeys@gmail.com