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First blog post


Here we are.

My very first blog post.

This has been a while in the consideration process. Do I unleash my thoughts on the poor unsuspecting readers of the internet? or not?

I guess this particular blog has come about via various facebook status updates. Daft things my children do. Daft things I do. General observations of life. Let’s consider this a compendium, if you will.

To ease you in slowly to my world of madness let me share with you some of the conversations I have had this week, some of the questions I have been asked recently and general observations.

Conversation overheard between Noodle and Pickle:

N: You know that honey on your breakfast, do you know where it comes from?

P: No, where?

N: Well you know reindeer….they put them in a big pot, melt them down and that’s how they make honey.

Unanswerable questions:

“Why weren’t rabbits designed to wear shoes?”

“Why isn’t concrete purple?”

“Why do I have a tongue?”

Things I never imagined myself saying:

“I’m sorry but I don’t know where your pet lemon is”

“That’s a beautiful picture……it would look even better on paper as opposed to the wall”

“If Hulk smashes anything else he will be in timeout on top of the fridge”

“The hoover attachment is not a lightsabre”

As you can see, my job title stretches from chief cook and bottle washer to philosopher, via frequent moonlighting as a referee, nursemaid, playground apparatus and countless other roles that should impress any future employers greatly.

Welcome to my world.





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