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Life’s little annoyances.

I like to think I’m a fairly patient person. I’m probably wrong but it’s my blog so we’ll go with it.

However there are a few things in this world that really bring out the irritable side of me, let me share:

  • Pay at Pump – it’s called that for a reason. Rocket science it is not. Insert card, insert pin, insert fuel, insert self back into car. It is not; faff at keypad, take so long that an attendant is alerted, attendant explains that if you’re using cash you need to press ‘pay at kiosk’, insert fuel, fumble in car for purse, wander into kiosk at a pace akin to a cautious turtle, return eventually and smile at waiting car, retune stereo, double check seatbelt, check reflection in mirror, stall car, exit forecourt.
  • Registration inputting machines – I do not know their official title but you know when you’re in a supermarket and you have to key your registration number into a machine to qualify for free parking? Yes those. I have a mind like a sieve, an actual sieve. I cannot be expected to remember: everything I need to buy, whether I’ve remembered my reusable bags, what my PIN number is, and then my registration number. It ain’t gonna happen. The pin machine gets my reg number, the car park machine gets my pin, neither work and I remember why I prefer online shopping.
  • Shops that don’t have prices on display – I find something I like but, low and behold, there’s no price attached. What do I do? If I ask for assistance there’s that uncomfortable moment when they tell you a price way out of your desired budget and you’re forced to resist the sharp intake of breath and screeching “how much???” and instead remain straight faced and calmly respond with “hmm, thank you, I’ll just pop it down and have a little think, I’ll maybe pop back later.” Shop owners listen up, if you want to sell me something I need to know what it costs. I am not psychic.
  • USB charging cables – Why on earth is it necessary to have multiple different shaped usb cables? I want to charge my IPhone….. I can only find a Samsung charger. I want to charge my Kindle……I can only find a lightening adaptor. It’s just madness. It’s a means of transferring power from one source to another so why the need for variety? And then you find the one you actually need, turn around for a second and someone’s stolen it. I swear chargers have legs in The Circus, they stumble off at free will. There’s probably a chargers meeting corner somewhere where they all hang out and plot their next escape.
  • Companies who pay good money for signage on vehicles/buildings/advertising but don’t bother to check it – there’s nothing worse than looking for a plumber and discovering one who ‘value’s there customer’s’, ‘is perfect for pacific jobs’ or “no’s you’re needs ect” It’s just unprofessional and sloppy. When CircusHusband and I were planning our wedding, I dismissed many discos and florists because of blaring grammatical errors on their websites and I regularly vow to carry tippex with me to eradicate errant apostrophes. Yes, spelling and grammar can be tricky but in this technological age there is no excuse, spell check is your friend.
  • People who pull up at the drive-thru windows and have no idea what they want – ok so this one is quite specific and I may be personally biased as CircusHusband is a nightmare for this. He can examine the menu board, eventually make a decision, reach the ordering machine and then have sudden amnesia and not have a clue where he is , who he is or what the hell he wants to eat. It’s equally frustrating and hilarious the amount of times I have to take over and holler orders from the passenger side.
  • Cutlery – yes I know you’re already slightly baffled about what could possibly be the problem with cutlery. Let me explain. The cutlery lives in a drawer. The drawer is segmented to make life orderly and easier. The order of the cutlery is set in stone, there are no variations, it’s not a random pick and mix. It goes: Knives. Forks. Dessert Spoons. Tea Spoons. Always has, always will. It is not funny to muddle the spoons and forks. Neither is it amusing to turn all the teaspoons so they face the wrong direction. It is not a whimsical quirk to allow the dessert spoons to become bedfellows with the kebab skewers (which have their own designated area). Knives. Forks. Spoons….Knives.Forks.Spoons.

I could go on……and on…..and on. But we’ll leave it with those for now.

Please feel free to share your irritations, let me know it’s not just me.

Welcome to my world



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