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While you were gone…

It’s been a while since a blog post materialised so I thought an interim Circus roundup might be in order.

Froo is away on a residential trip with school this week so I have taken the opportunity to perform a clutter exorcism in her room. In seemingly unrelated news I have discovered the whereabouts of 15 (yes one five) drinking receptacles that I had written off as ‘items lucky enough to leave the madness alive’. So I will now either be incredibly popular and showered with eternal gratitude or……. not. But hey at least I’ll have something to drink from while I wait to find out.

The other drama today involved Pickle’s interactive dog toy. We spent a good while barking instructions at it while it ignored us (yes the irony was not lost on me). Only for Noodle to return home from school and announce “oh yeah that’s probly cos I changed it’s name to {insert name of obscure russian astronaut here}”. So us bellowing ‘Katie’ at it was a complete waste of time and energy.

On the subject of astronauts, Noodle has had a rethink regarding his future career (the plan was to be a police officer during the week, a spaceman on weekends until he was crowned king). However, he learnt today that when you’re on a space mission the most uncomfortable part is re-entry when the temperature increases dramatically. He doesn’t really like being hot so he’s going to be a scientist instead.

Welcome to my world



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