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For The Dads by Name and The Dads by Nature.


Today is for the daddies, of every size and shape,

Lanky like a beanpole, or hairy like an ape.

The daddies who are present, the daddies who are not,

The dads we fondly treasure and never are forgot.

The dads of tiny babies, the dads of full grown men,

The dads who’d walk through fire to see their kids again.

The stepdads and the stand-ins, the ones that break the mould,

The in-laws and the out-laws, the young ones and the old.

The hands-on dads, the laid back dads, the dads who do their share,

The working dads, the stay home dads, the daddies with no hair.

Today is for the daddies who do the job of two,

Twice the work and twice the worry, but twice the cuddles too.

It’s also for the mummies going it alone,

Who plough on through and carry on, without a gripe or moan.

It’s for the ‘will be’ daddies, just waiting for their turn,

It’s for the dad’s who’ve loved and lost and heavy hearts that yearn.

It’s for the dads we cannot see through tragedy or choice,

It’s for the ones with words of love, they’re not allowed to voice.

This day helps us remember that ‘dad’ is just a name,

It’s not a brand tag that you wear, or use for Facebook fame.

A dad is one who’s always there and doesn’t come and go,

It’s not about the blood you share, but just the love you show.


One thought on “For The Dads by Name and The Dads by Nature.

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