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Our Very First Product Review – Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag.

There was major excitement in The Circus last week as we were offered the opportunity to provide a product review on a toy.

And not just any toy.

No. Only a toy that Froo (10) has been coveted for around 18 months.

So here goes:

This is the ‘Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag’. It is merchandise to tie in with Project Mc2 programme which airs on Netflix.

The display of this toy in it’s packaging is very appealing. It is beautifully designed and fits in well with the theme. If you are unfamiliar with Project Mc2, it is based around a group of school girls who use their love of science to get through life and solve problems.

As you can see from our video, the packaging was quite tricky to get into. Lots of fiddly ties and clips and twisty things.

But eventually…

The thing I liked at this point is that all the parts go neatly in the box and it closes securely, very important in The Circus.

You can see Froo’s demonstrations of some of the gadgets in our video, but the main thing we tried out was the finger printing kit which was the main appeal it held for Froo.

There are clear instructions, both, on paperwork in the packaging and in the book you receive with the kit which also has various experiments in it.

Froo already owns the Adrienne doll from the series so this is a lovely addition to her (ever growing) collection.

Here’s our fingerprinting guide:

This was good fun to do and I love the ‘spy compact’ that doubles up as a magnifying glass! We had some trouble getting the fingerprints to attach to the suspects sheets so perhaps some trial and error is required there with regards to how much powder to use.

Now to the scary bit.

A couple of disclaimers before we unleash ourselves onto the unsuspecting world

  1. This is our very first attempt at filming.
  2. It’s the very first time that I have ventured into video editing.
  3. I forgot just how noisy fans are when caught on film.

So, with all that clarified, here goes nothing….


Turns out being forced to watch unboxing videos on YouTube by Pickle has paid off as my normally shy and reluctant Monkey came into her own.


So, there we have it. I have to say I was unsure about this toy and had resisted pressure to buy it as we have quite a lot of Project Mc2 merchandise

and I always feel it’s very expensive for what you actually get.


Froo was over the moon with it and I do love the fact that’s it science themed toys aimed at girls (yes toys are toys for girls or boys but this is a big step forward). We had a lot of fun playing and reviewing which was really nice as thinking about I probably wouldn’t have been that involved with it had I bought it for her myself.

Yes it’s expensive at £39.99 rrp.

Yes it’s probably a five minute wonder.

Yes there will be fingerprint dust everywhere.

But it’s actually very cleverly made and great fun to use.

The Circus gives the ProjectMc2 Ultimate Spy Bag a big thumbs up and a score of 9.5/10 from Froo and 7/10 from myself.

Welcome to my world



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