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An Ode To Summer…….ish.

The holidays are on us, they landed with a bump,

They came in like a wrecking ball, complete with twerking rump.

A rundown of our summer, lightened with a rhyme,

I’d try a sonnet or haiku, but simply don’t have time.

All The Monkeys are off school, yes all four, all day long,

Four small children, in one house, whatever could go wrong?

Let’s start off with the mornings, no need to rush to wake,

Yet still we’re up before the birds, but why for pity’s sake?

Mealtimes can be relaxed, time to eat and chat,

But really, what was I thinking? Where’s the fun in that?

We have to argue over plates, who gets the sacred green,

Wombat tends to win that one….he has the loudest scream.

No need for boring uniforms, wear the clothes you choose,

It’s not my fault that you can’t find, your socks, your skirt, your shoes.

Do you want to play outside? yes you can use the pool.

Did you get in, in all your clothes? You soppy, soggy fool.

No I can’t heat up the water, I can’t control the sun,

Yes the grass had turned it green, isn’t science fun?

No you can’t watch television, not because I’m mean,

But mostly cos you can’t agree, what should come on the screen.

The list of things that we can’t watch, is as varied as can be,

Things that scare the middle two, or bore the brains off me.

Videos of Minecraft crap, are banned if I’m about,

The people and their creepy voices, make me start to shout.

So far we are two weeks in, and we’ve learnt quite a bunch,

Like just how many snacks are needed twixt breakfast time and lunch.

It’s makes me wonder how the hell they last the whole school day,

Twenty minutes without food and it’s like they’ll fade away.

Thank god we have a super fridge, that magically refills,

It’s funded by the mystic elves who pay all of the bills.

It’s also these almighty elves who plant the money trees,

So I can grant all whims and wishes, with monetary ease.

We’ve learnt The Monkeys can get on, they can be nice and kind,

Just not when in each other’s reach, or at the same time mind.

I’m being pessimistic. It’s really not all bad.

At least there is some sunshine and laughter to be had.

Froo’s developed sarcasm, she’s witty, there’s no doubt,

Sometimes when she opens up her mouth, I hear myself come out.

The little two spend hours outside, rolling in the mud.

“Pickle, what’s that in your ear?” “Grandma said it’s crud”.

Then of course we have the pets, a veritable zoo.

Four hens, a pup, a hamster and Noodle’s ant farm too.

The hamster is a new addition, Jeffrey is his name,

If he squeaks his wheel one more time, I swear I’ll go insane.

It all adds up to chaos. Noise and one big mess,

Baking, cooking, painting. glueing and endless games of chess.

You have to choose to laugh or cry, or opt to loudly sing.

But one fact is for certain. I wouldn’t change a thing.


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